Kuhn Campus

Kuhn Campus

Campus - Training at KUHN Schweiz AG

Professional training for your construction machine. KOMATSU's construction machines are characterized in many ways by their technological advances, their comfort on the move and their easy control. A qualified and well trained professional driver will make the most of the huge potential of his machine. Drivers of well-trained construction machines work safely and efficiently and handle their machine by preserving it and economically, even if they exploit all the performance of their machine.

By following a KUHN driver training, you will benefit from the performance of your KOMATSU machine. An investment that pays off very quickly. KUHN Driver Training is intended for all gear drivers, from the talented beginner to the experienced professional.

By following a KUHN mechanic training, you will discover the relationships between the various components, you will be prematurely identifying wear and tear and damage and will take the necessary steps. An investment that pays off very quickly. KUHN Mechanic Training is intended for all mechanics and machinists with a good understanding of the technique.

KOMATSU technology holds the leadership in excavator technology and in this environmentally friendly environment. KOMATSU construction machines are characterized in more than one way by their technological advancement, their great comfort in movement and their easy control. Komtrax, together with the innovative ICT system, helps drivers and contractors to make the best use of their machines while reducing operating costs. Thanks to KOMATSU's technical training you will discover the technological and innovative advancement of KOMATSU machines and its operation with the Komtrax system. The KUHN technical training is intended for all managers of machinery and workshops.