Telescopic handlers

Telescopic handlers


The RTH range we developed and designed is the result of years of expertise and research. This range must in fact reflect and satisfy all the needs of our customer and their request for trustworthy and high performances machines. Our machines are built to grant the best standards in terms of quality, safety and reliability. Only the best component are fitted in our machines and only the best materials are used to achieve the best performances. We also provide a very versatile machine, that can be equipped following the customer’s needs. 


Magni TH team expertise has been exploited for the development and creation of a specific range of heavy duty machines, the HTH RANGE.
These machines has been specifically designed for quarries, mining, oil and gas and heavy industry since their lifting capacity goes from 10 tons up to 45 tons.
A specific range of attachments has been developed too, in order to provide the great versatility of these machines, giving the opportunity to the costumers to choose the best solution for their needs. The great potential of our machines is also underlined by the attention given to the development of the cabin, which has been completely designed taking into consideration the operator needs, safety and comfort.

Boat eagle

Boat Eagle

With this product it is possible to handle a boat of 9,50/10,00 m length (longer if we take care about inflatables), which we estimate in 5 Ton weight, in a corridor of 13 m working on a maximum height of 14 m, so you can store the boat on a shell which is located at a height of 12 m, which results in a 4 level shelving . What grants us such performances and compactness is a new technical solution, developed by us, on which we have an international patent which, through the combined movement of the 2 telescopic booms, allows us to charge the most of the boat keel on the machine’s chassis allowing a smaller encumbrance which will result in a total length which is the one of the boat plus 2,5 m.
At the moment  2 models of the machine are manufactured: BE 509 and BE 512, both of them have a maximum capacity of 5 ton, calculating the load center at 2.500 mm from the forks heel, and of 4 ton with the load center at 3.400 mm from the forks heel. The maximum working height is, respectively, 9 m and 12 m.
Boat Eagle has some important technical peculiarities:

EURO 3B engine with AD Blue system